We specialise in live instrument style music such as Rock, Folk, Reggae etc. Open 10am till 10pm 7 days a week

Recording Sessions are between 10am till 6pm

Current Special: 25% discount for our rehearsal regulars

Equipment List includes:

  • Custom PC i7 4GHz 32gb all solid state drives
  • Cubase Pro 9
  • RME Madiface Pro in to the x32 Midas Preamps... giving 32 concurrent analogue input channels
  • Yamaha HS8 monitors
  • UAD Quad Satelite
  • iZotope Ozone, Nector
  • Mics include:
  • Slate VMS, AKG, Sontronics, Shure, Rode, Neumann + more
  • Amps include:
  • Marshall, Fender, Orange, Bugura, Line 6, Mark Bass, Peavey + more
Recording Session Rates
2 hours £100
4 hours
8 hours £300
Rehearsal and DIY Recording (Prices per session)
Stereo Digital Recorder Hire £3
Multi Track System Hire (16 inputs + midi). Studio A session add-on £25 Per session